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Ayrıklaşma (decoupling) üzerine, berdevam…

Ayrıklaşma (decoupling) konusu bu günlerde gündemden düşmüyor. Bu nedenle daha önce bu konuda kaleme aldığım yazıları paylaşmak istedim.

Article on Climate Related Financial Disclosures (in Turkish)

I wrote an article for Turkish Energy Association‘s monthly magazine “Enerji Panaroma” July edition about the final recommendations of the Task Force on Climate Related Financial Disclosures. You can read the July issue here, or my article (in Turkish) below.

(Unofficial) Summary of TCDF Recommendations

Just released: “Final Recommendations of the Task Force on Climate Related Financial Disclosures“. I made an unofficial summary here (pdf): https://www.slideshare.net/cemgundogan/unofficial-summary-of-tcdf-recommendations-2017

Localising Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

I am working on a consultancy assignment where I focus on conducting a stocktake assessment, gap analysis and localisation of SDG 13 – Climate Action targets and indicators. The idea of tailoring all SDGs into Turkey’s own context came from the Turkish Ministry of Development, and outsourced to the experienced team of TSKB Escarus (A company of Turkish Industrial Development Bank).

Striking Land Use Implications of Istanbul Grand Airport

Tale of Two Climate Resilience and Adaptation Projects in Turkey

Soon I am leaving my post at GTE Carbon, a leading Turkish carbon management & climate services company, where developed and coordinated externally funded project activities and provided consultancy services. As I am coming to the end of my term here, I would like to reflect upon two important projects I was involved in, both related with climate change adaptation and resilience.

Co-authored Turkey’s First Comprehensive Sustainability Guide

An immense pleasure for me that I co-authored* Turkey’s first comprehensive sustainability guide (in Turkish) and it is published via Sustainable Development Association Turkey (SKD Türkiye). The guide offers introduction to 100 terms related with sustainability concept:

On Cities & Paris Agreement

This article of mine was recently published at the Chamber of Architects of Turkey’s magazine “Mimarlik” (Issue 387). I suggest that energy democracy, self-governance and participation should be at the very heart of the discussion if cities are to offer any suggestion to the anthropogenic climate change problem. The article is in Turkish.

UNFCCC Outreach Magazine: “Fiddling while the roof burns?”

Our article has been published at the Outreach Magazine* during COP21 Paris. We argued that Turkey needs to take bold decisions on its alternative development pathways if it is to go beyond special circumstances discourse in the new climate regime.

(*Outreach is a multi-stakeholder publication on climate change and sustainable development produced by Stakeholder Forum for a Sustainable Future and has been produced at various international meetings on the environment.)

Featured Article: Turkey and climate change talks on the eve of the Paris Agreement

Turkey Representation of the Heinrich Böll Stiftung started to publish the quarterly, “Alternatif – Political Analysis and Commentary from Turkey”, in both Turkish and English. With their own words “this quarterly periodical strives to be a source of reference for civil society, decision makers, opinion leaders in- and outside of Turkey”. Their first issue features our article on the eve of COP21. Below you will find Turkish version but if you click this link you can also read the English one. Enjoy.

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