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Ayrıklaşma (decoupling) üzerine, berdevam…

Ayrıklaşma (decoupling) konusu bu günlerde gündemden düşmüyor. Bu nedenle daha önce bu konuda kaleme aldığım yazıları paylaşmak istedim.

On Cities & Paris Agreement

This article of mine was recently published at the Chamber of Architects of Turkey’s magazine “Mimarlik” (Issue 387). I suggest that energy democracy, self-governance and participation should be at the very heart of the discussion if cities are to offer any suggestion to the anthropogenic climate change problem. The article is in Turkish.

Dreaming infinite growth on a finite planet…

Relying on material extraction & consumption, I wonder how that economy line goes to infinity without disturbing the planet. Hasn’t the time come yet to consider degrowth?

“I love this,” she said. The straight line was supposed to represent economic growth, past and future, the curved line the rise and fall of greenhouse-gas emissions. – Elizabeth Kolbert’s interview with Christiana Figueres, published at the New Yorker on 24 Aug 2015 issue

What is Decoupling? (Translation)

This translation was published on EMBARQ Turkiye’s opinion & news blog. Original article that appeared at the Steady State Revolution blog underlines the difference between absolute decoupling and relative decoupling. I think these concepts are misunderstood here in Turkey when it comes to GHG emissions vs economic growth discussions.

“Decoupling Demystified”

I think Joshua Nelson’s piece on absolute vs relative decoupling is a great summary on the issue. I translated it to Turkish. Please click read more to read. Alternatively, you can read the original article in English here.

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