I am currently authoring the first guide to climate finance with a particular focus on Green Climate Fund in Turkish language in order to raise awareness and capacity on related issues. Climate finance is an area that was almost overlooked in Turkey until the Paris Agreement’s emergence. In the recent years, I have been writing about the issue in various outlets (i.e. this one) to shed a light and currently drafting a more structured guide for the attention of all interested stakeholders.

Although Turkey has no access yet, the GCF is the centre of gravity of climate finance through which resources are mobilised via different channels and modalities. Therefore, it is critical that Turkish public and private sector (and NGOs too) increase their capacity on how GCF functions, how to access, and how it is being evolved. Current GCF guides are in English which drastically decreases the chance of it being read by Turkish speaking world.

Hoping to release and disseminate the publication until July 2017. Please kindly note that this is a personal initiative, guide will be unofficial and not funded by any entity.