I had a chance to serve as the lead author of the Regional Environmental Centre (REC) Turkey’s substantially revised guide to climate change science, policy, governance which is a first of its kind publication in Turkish.

The publication is called as “Climate Change Guide: from A to Z”. EKO IQ published a piece about it on their 53rd issue. You can read the story here (in Turkish).

You can access the publication here. and in case you need to cite it you may kindly refer as:

Gündoğan, A.C., Baş D., Sayman R. U., (2015) A’dan Z’ye İklim Değişikliği Başucu Rehberi (Guide to Climate Change: From A to Z), Regional Environmental Center (REC) Turkey, Ankara, Turkey.

Last but not least, Special thanks to the co-authors! I should say that I am grateful to work with excellent colleagues: Dursun Baş and Rifat Ünal Sayman