For those who follow UNFCCC updates closely, you are all aware of the fact that INDCs submitted after 1 October 2015 will not be included in the UNFCCC synthesis report to COP21 (aka most critical climate summit of history). Till this moment 133 party submitted their climate action plans (INDC) ahead of the summit.

Turkey became 133rd one to submit just on time (1 day before the deadline). So, what does it offer? Turkey’s INDC promises (!) up to 21 percent reduction in GHG emissions from the Business as Usual (BAU) level by 2030. This is likely to be considered as a relatively low ambitious target and will be subjected to criticism. It also indicates Turkey aims to use carbon credits from international market mechanisms to achieve its 2030 mitigation target.


What is most controversial about the INDC is that Turkey’s claim about participation. Turkey argues that “The INDC was prepared in a participatory approach through multiple stakeholder meetings and by analytical studies conducted for 1 year.” Most of the NGO & academia representatives I spoke during my thesis writing process, this was not seem the case. We will see how the debate will steam up.

I will write a more detailed analysis soon.